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jgit-flow / goals

Goals Overview

Common Parameters

All of the goals some common configuration parameters defined in com.atlassian.maven.plugins.jgitflow.AbstractJGitFlowMojo. One complex parameter is flowInitContext. Because this is of a complex type, the automatic Maven documentation generation is not so helpful. This parameter permits you to configure branch and tag names, as shows in the following example:


With this configuration, the 'master' branch is named 'frankenstein', the 'develop' branch is named 'development'. Feature branches are named 'feature-Whatever' instead of feature/whatever, release branches 'release-Version' instead of 'release/Version', and similarly for hotfixes. Version tags are named 'blither-Version' instead of 'Version'.

Username/Password configuration

For setting an explicit username/password configuration you can use the following snippet: