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  1. Per Ivar

The method Objects.toStringHelper() has been deprecated for a while and it's have been removed from version 21. To make sure that applications using guava version 21 or greater will not get an exception during debugging an application that uses JRJC.

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  1. Per Ivar author


    It seems that I don't have permission to merge the PR to the official repo. Everything is as it should be at my fork.

    Do you have any idea what can be the case, or possibly help me out.

    Regards, Per Ivar

    tir. 12. sep. 2017 kl. 13:11 skrev Per Ivar Gjerløw pgjerlow@gmail.com:

    I'm currently in the hospital and I won't be able to merge the request at the moment. I'm not sure when looking will be back home. I will probably be in the hospital about a week or so.

    toStringHelper. [image: fhess] Frank Hess commented on pull request #67: JRJC-233 Fixed deprecated method toStringHelper. https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/jira-rest-java-client/pull-requests/67/jrjc-233-fixed-deprecated-method#comment-44753569

    Hi Per Ivar Gjerløw https://bitbucket.org/pgjerlow/, thanks for your fast reply but sorry to hear. Any reasons? regards Frank View this pull request https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/jira-rest-java-client/pull-requests/67/jrjc-233-fixed-deprecated-method#comment-44753569 or add a comment by replying to this email. In reply to Per Ivar Gjerløw

    No, sorry.

    tir. 12. sep. 2017 kl. 12.20 skrev Frank Hess < Unwatch this pull request https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/jira-rest-java-client/pull-requests/67/unwatch/pgjerlow/1f80c3e99df7b3d8d5ed640814ccdc5111c24772/ to stop receiving email updates.

    -- mvh/ Best regards,

    Per Ivar Gjerløw