Auto unapprove won't work if the new push is for binary file (excel file)

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Issue #42 resolved
Welly Hong created an issue

Auto unapprove won’t work if the new push is for binary file. Such as excel file.

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  1. Troy Germain

    @Kristy Hughes Is there a way for me to submit this as PR? or can you take the change from here?

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help get this moving.


  2. Bryan Turner Account Deactivated

    Can someone define what “won’t work” means, in this context? It’s not very descriptive. Does the pull request get unapproved even though it “shouldn’t”? Or does it not get unapproved even though it “should”?

  3. Troy Germain

    Sorry, I believe the wording does get a little rough. When only binary files are changed, the auto-unapprove plugin does not remove approvers. However, this seems like unintended behavior, since a commit was made that changed a file in an open PR with existing approvals. This is a result of the default behavior of git diff with relation to binary files.

  4. Welly Hong reporter

    @Troy, thank you for clarification. The auto-unapprove plugin didn’t remove approver(s) when binary files(excel) are changed.

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