Performance degradation for non-admin users

Issue #2 resolved
Rafael Sperafico
created an issue

Depending on the amount of permission checks, the following dropdown menu can slow down the request.

<fieldset class="dependsOnselectedBuildStrategy showOncom.atlassianlab.bamboo.plugins.bamboo-after-deployment-trigger-plugin:afterDeployment" style="display: none;">
    <div id="fieldArea_deploymentProject" class="field-group required">

    <label for="deploymentProject" id="fieldLabelArea_deploymentProject">Deployment project<span class="aui-icon icon-required"></span><span class="content"> (required)</span></label>    
    <select name="deployment.trigger.afterDeployment.deploymentProjectId" id="deploymentProject" class="select long-field select2-container aui-select2-container ">
        <option value="0">Choose deployment project</option>
        <option value="1111111111">Deployment name - Environment name</option>


URL         http://localhost:8085/branch/admin/config/editChainBranchDetails.action?planKey=PROJ-PLAN0
Remote Address      /
Request Start Time  8/31/17 16:17:17
Request End Time    8/31/17 16:17:17
Response Start Time 8/31/17 16:19:26
Response End Time   8/31/17 16:19:26
Duration        129.49 sec

As a suggestion, instead of loading all environments they should be changed to autocomplete or to something else, reducing the amount of validation.

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  1. Eddie Webb

    This issue is caused by the use of Bamboo service deploymentProjectService.getAllDeploymentProjects() in which takes an extremely long time for any large volume of deployment projects.

    I know atlassian has had to make fixes to the All Deployments page load for performance issues, but I don't know if they avoided this API or made improvements behind it. I think using JS to asynchronously load based on auto-complete per @rsperafico's suggestion is the best path as I don't see any more lightweight method in the java apis to get all deployments any faster.

    Some timing around that call shows that with 4000 projects it takes just over 2 minutes just to get list back from internal API. Subsequent methods of this plugin are rather quick :

    [AfterDeploymentTriggerConfigurator] getAllDeploymentProject() complete: 123624
    [AfterDeploymentTriggerConfigurator] deployment filtering complete: 123628
    [AfterDeploymentTriggerConfigurator] added to context: 123629
    [AfterDeploymentTriggerConfigurator] putEnvironmentsToContext() complete: 123630
  2. Eddie Webb

    Do you mean ResultsSummaryManager? The criteria class looks like a POJO. If you have specific APIs to model let me know! I was looking at QuickSearcher

  3. Alexey Chystoprudov

    Merged in eddiewebb/bamboo-after-deployment-trigger/issue-2-non-admin-performance (pull request #2)

    Fixes issue #2 - eliminate getAllDeploymentProjects lookup with autocomplete against rest api

    • benchmarking 3 alternate approaches to stream deployment projects with some trace levekl logging

    • Uses bamboos quickserach api to dynamically load deployment project as user types

    • removed deployproject list from configurator class, but now passes existing name if set to pre-load dropdown on edit.

    • removed debug logging

    • moved passed project name as options to initialization to ensure it works with web resource batching

    • individual imports replace asterisk

    • filters out non DEPLOYMENTPROJECT types from search results

    Approved-by: Alexey Chystoprudov

    → <<cset 682d9b8e2b9d>>

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