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Welcome to the Favorites Dialog home page!


You can download the plugin from Atlassian Marketplace:

or directly from the Confluence administration panel:

  • Administration > Manage add-ons

Plugin is compatible with Confluence 5.9 and higher.


Just log into your Confluence and select 'Favourites' item from the top-right menu to open the dialog.

You can also use a global shortcut key 'gf' (type 'g' followed by 'f') available from any Confluence page you're in.

Once dialog is opened, it will display all your spaces, pages and blog posts marked as favorite, sorted alphabetically. You can use input box to quickly filter list of results. Keyboard navigation is also supported - use up and down arrows navigate and the enter key to open a page.

Have fun!


Q: How can I un-favorite a page?

A: Just open the page and select the 'Remove Favourite' from the '...' drop-down menu.

Q: How can I open the old 'Favourites' page?

A: Open the top-right menu, right click on the 'Favourites' item and select the 'Open link in new tab' option. You can also use a direct link: <your.confluence>/users/viewmyfavourites.action


We'd love to hear your feedback! Feel free to raise improvement requests and bug reports in our issue tracker:


In case you have Atlassian Analytics enabled in your Confluence, the plugin will collect anonymous usage data, for instance:

  • opening the dialog
  • using 'All', 'Blogs', 'Spaces', 'Pages' filter buttons
  • using the "Filter" input box (only a fact of using the input box; text entered is not collected)

and send it to Atlassian. See Privacy Policy

Release notes

Version 0.9.0 (planned)

  • a 'star' button to remove space/page/blog from favorites
  • fix of a bug with loading favorites and typing a title

Version 0.8.0 (available)

  • drop support for Confluence 5.8 and older
  • new plugin logo

Version 0.7 (available)

First official release.

  • displaying all favorited items on one list
  • filtering by type
  • filtering by title
  • a global shortcut key