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JMole is a monitoring framework for gathering data dynamically from various Java MBeans. The project is a spin-off from Buzz, which was a strictly JBoss monitoring plugin. JMole on the other hand is not tied to any specific platform and can be used in any Java environment (Java 6 and higher) to expose MBean attributes to various monitoring systems.

Supports several popular monitoring systems/protocols:

It's simple to implement new protocols, but a quick integration for unsupported monitoring system may be to use JMX or log parsing of the java.util.logging file.

JMole is NOT a complete monitoring tool. It's a more of a platform to easily provide such systems with information from within the JVM. It's based on experience of what is really needed from customers (that often already has a monitoring system in place).

Some key ideas behind JMole has been:


Note! This documentation only reflect the latest release. No documentation for older versions is maintained or saved somewhere.