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API-2.0 / Get_bookings_for_customer

Method: GET

Path: /customer/bookings

Return active bookings for customer.

Query parameters:

from, to (optional):

If present, endpoint returns (possibly empty) array of active bookings for requested period, ordered by service date (latest first).

query (optional)

Free text search. Searches: address, city, and phone.

options (optional)

A string of options separated with comma. In current version following option supported:

  • completed: if specified, only completed bookings will be returned.
  • not_completed: if specified, only not yet completed bookings will be returned.
  • with_feedback: if specified, only bookings with recorded feedback will be returned.
  • without_feedback: if specified, only bookings without recorded feedback will be returned.

limit, offset (optional):

If present and not 0, return only limit number of records with offset.

sort (optional)

Can be asc or desc. By default, if nothing provided, it is desc

IMPORTANT: if you need completed and not completed (i.e. all) at the same time, please do not specify neither.

Example response JSON

List of bookings, for example of individual booking in the list see Get booking for customer

Example request:

For production, replace with https://<your subdomain>

Replace BEARER_FROM_LOGIN with bearer from Login

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer BEARER_FROM_LOGIN' \
     -X GET -k \


  • 401 Unauthorized on login failure.
  • 403 Forbidden if user is not customer user.
  • 200 OK on success.