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API-2.0 / Get_settings

Method: GET

Path: /settings

Return account settings. Note: response may contain more or less data depends on user logged-in or not, user type, features availability, integration status with this or that third party.

Example response JSON

  "logo": "",
  "color": "#abcdef",
  "name": "Cummerata III",
  "website_url": "",
  "website_booking_url": "",
  "status": "trial",
  "sandbox": false,
  "setup_complete": false,
  "timezone": "America/New_York",
  "currency": {
    "code": "usd",
    "symbol": "$"
  "country": {
    "code": "US",
    "name": "United States",
    "phone_prefix": "+1",
    "states": {
      "AK": "Alaska",
      "AL": "Alabama",
      "AR": "Arkansas",
      "AZ": "Arizona",
      "CA": "California",
      "CO": "Colorado",
      "CT": "Connecticut",
      "DC": "District of Columbia",
      "DE": "Delaware",
      "FL": "Florida",
      "GA": "Georgia",
      "HI": "Hawaii",
      "IA": "Iowa",
      "ID": "Idaho",
      "IL": "Illinois",
      "IN": "Indiana",
      "KS": "Kansas",
      "KY": "Kentucky",
      "LA": "Louisiana",
      "MA": "Massachusetts",
      "MD": "Maryland",
      "ME": "Maine",
      "MI": "Michigan",
      "MN": "Minnesota",
      "MO": "Missouri",
      "MS": "Mississippi",
      "MT": "Montana",
      "NC": "North Carolina",
      "ND": "North Dakota",
      "NE": "Nebraska",
      "NH": "New Hampshire",
      "NJ": "New Jersey",
      "NM": "New Mexico",
      "NV": "Nevada",
      "NY": "New York",
      "OH": "Ohio",
      "OK": "Oklahoma",
      "OR": "Oregon",
      "PA": "Pennsylvania",
      "RI": "Rhode Island",
      "SC": "South Carolina",
      "SD": "South Dakota",
      "TN": "Tennessee",
      "TX": "Texas",
      "UT": "Utah",
      "VA": "Virginia",
      "VT": "Vermont",
      "WA": "Washington",
      "WI": "Wisconsin",
      "WV": "West Virginia",
      "WY": "Wyoming"
    "metric_system": false
  "features": {
    "analytics_dashboard": false,
    "automated_client_feedback": false,
    "automated_credit_card_billing_and_holds": false,
    "customer_referral_engine": false,
    "gift_cards": false,
    "invite_teams_to_booking": false,
    "mobile_app": false,
    "multiple_locations": false,
    "new_booking_form_widget": false,
    "quickbooks_integration": false,
    "remove_launch27_branding": false,
    "scheduler": false,
    "smart_scheduler": false,
    "text_message_reminder": false,
    "zapier_integration": false,
    "booking": {
      "availability_mode": "manual",
      "duration": false,
      "duration_for_spots": false,
      "duration_for_spots_restriction": false,
      "invite_teams": false,
      "location": false,
      "multiple_services": false,
      "out_of_grid_spots": true,
      "recurring_frequency_discount_exclude_first": false,
      "referral_engine_on": false, 
      "sales_tax": false,
      "sms_notifications_default": true,
      "tips": true
  "locale": {
    "name": "en",
    "data": {
      "time_format": "12",
      "date_format": "MD"
  "address": {
    "show_city": true,
    "show_state": true,
    "show_zip": true
  "payment_methods": {
    "stripe": false,
    "cash": true,
    "check": false,
    "paypal": false
  "default_location": {
    "id": 0,
    "name": ""
  "carthook_merchant_id": "mib_123abc45",
  "g_a_tracking_id": "UA-12345678-1",
  "amplitude_user_id": ""


  • logo is configured logo url
  • color is configured or default site color
  • name is company name
  • website_url is company oficial website url
  • website_booking_url is company official website booking url
  • status is current L27 account state, possible values
    • trial means account's trial period not finished yet
    • active is normal account state
    • frozen means account trial period finished and L27 plan was not purchased. Note: only subset of functionaluty available in this state, for example it is not possible to create booking;
    • sleep means account is in sleep mode. Note: only subset of functionaluty available in this state, for example it is not possible to create booking;
  • sandbox: if account's subdomain is sandbox or live
  • setup_complete true if account setup wizard complete, false otherwise
  • timezone is configured or default account timezone
  • currency is configured account currency, has following attributes:
    • code is currency ISO code
    • symbol is currency symbol
  • country is configured account business country, has following attributes:
    • code is country ISO code
    • name is country name
    • phone_prefix is country's phone prefix
    • states is set of contry states in key-value format, where key is state code and value is state name. Non-empty only for the following countries: 'AU', 'CA', 'US'
    • metric_system tells if account prefer display distance (related to time tracking) in kilometers (if value is true) or in miles (if value is false)
  • features is features availability state or settings, has following attributes:
    • analytics_dashboard: analytics dashboard available or not
    • automated_client_feedback: customers can or cannot rate bookings
    • customer_referral_engine: customer referral program functionality available or not
    • gift_cards: gift cards functionality available or not
    • invite_teams_to_booking: invite team(s) to booking functionaluty available or not
    • mobile_app: Launch27 mobile app available for account or not
    • multiple_locations: multiple locations functionality available or not
    • new_booking_form_widget: premium booking form widgets available or not
    • quickbooks_integration: Quickbooks integration available or not
    • remove_launch27_branding: Launch 27 branding hidden or not
    • scheduler: scheduler available or not
    • text_message_reminder sms reminders for bookings functionaluty available or not
    • zapier_integration: Zapier integration available or not
    • booking is set of booking related settings:
      • availability_mode tells how spots calculated, could be team availability based (team or team_editable) or manual (manual)
      • duration: duration available for booking or not
      • duration_for_spots: booking duration may affect following spots avilability if duration is long enough
      • duration_for_spots_restriction: booking duration verified against duration available for spot or not
      • invite_teams: invite team(s) to booking functionaluty turned "on" or not for account (requires invite_teams_to_booking feature); if turned "on" available teams will be automatically invited to newly created booking
      • location: booking can be linked to non-default location or not (requires multiple_locations feature)
      • multiple_services: it is possible to select more than one service per booking or not
      • out_of_grid_spots: bookings which service time does not correspond to location's spots grid will affect same-arrival-window previous spot's availability.
      • recurring_frequency_discount_exclude_first: frequency discount not applicable to first booking in set of recurring bookings or applicable (first booking here means first created booking, not booking with earliest service date)
      • referral_engine_on: customer recurring engine turned "on" or "off" for account (requires customer_referral_engine feature); if turned "on" customers can claim referral rewards.
      • sales_tax: sales tax applicable to booking or not
      • sms_notifications_default: sms notification supposed to be turned "on" for booking by default, i.e. customer has to turn it "off" if do not want receive sms notifications related to booking (requires text_message_reminder feature)
      • tips: tips are available for bookings or not
  • locale is date and time display preferences, has attributes:
    • name is local name, possible values en, en-MD24, en-DM12, en-DM24
    • data has:
      • time_format which can be 12 or 24
      • date_format which can be MD (means month first, day second) or DM (means day first, month second)
  • address is address display and input preferences, has attributes:
    • show_city: show or hide city input
    • show_state: show or hide state input
    • show_zip: show or hide zip input
  • payment_methods is supported payment methods preferences, has attributes:
    • stripe: accept or not Stripe Credit Card payments
    • cash: accept or not cash payments
    • check: accept or not check payments
    • paypal: accept or not paypal payments
  • giftcards is giftcard settings (requires gift_cards feature), has attributes:
    • amounts is a set of predefined giftcard amounts for giftcard purchase form
    • message is defalt message to be displayed on gift card
    • background_image is gift card background image url
    • show_discount: show or not discount input in giftcard purchase form
  • redirect present if configured, has attributes:
    • thank_you_booking is url of "thank you" page to which user supposed to be redirected if booking created succesfully
  • team_permissions is team access settings ( requires authentication and team or staff user type ):
    • view_email: team can or cannot see customer's email
    • view_phone: team can or cannot see customer's phone
    • use_call_masking: Team API can call Booking Phone for Team endpoint to get Booking phone
    • view_rating: team can or cannot see rating that customer provided to booking
    • view_team_share_base_amount: team can or cannot see base amount from which team share calculated
    • view_booking_final_price: team can or cannot see booking's final price
    • booking_comments is booking comments preferences:
      • read_write: team can add/update/delete own comments to booking team assigned to; team can see only own comments or comments that staff made available for teams
      • read_customers: team can or cannot see comments added by customer to booking team assigned to
      • read_teams: team can or cannot see comments added by other teams to booking team assigned to
  • stripe_public_key present if account linked to Stripe, should be used to generate Stripe CC token if/when needed to create booking
  • carthook_merchant_id present if account linked to CartHook
  • g_a_tracking_id present if account linked to Google Analytics
  • quickbooks_authorized: account authorized to use Quickbooks or not ( requires authentication and staff user type )
  • quickbooks_company_id: Quickbooks company linked to account if value is not empty ( requires authentication and staff user type )
  • default_location is details of account's default location:
    • id: location unique ID
    • name: location name
  • admin_id is unique id of account owner ( requires authentication and staff user type )
  • alerts is a set of alerts ( requires authentication and staff user type ), could be none, one or more of the following :
    • setup_incomplete means account setup wizard was not finished (same with setup_complete=false)
    • payment_failed means account has past due invoice
    • sleep_mode means that account is in sleep mode (same with state=sleep)
    • account_frozen means account is not payment_failed and is frozen
  • pubsub_url is websocket notification subscription url ( requires authentication ):
    • example: "pubsub_url": "wss://"
  • amplitude_api_key Amplitude API key ( requires authentication )
  • amplitude_user_id User ID for Amplitude tracking ( requires authentication )

Example request:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -X GET -k \