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The Java Wikipedia API (Bliki engine)
is a parser library for converting
Wikipedia wikitext notation to HTML.


  • renders Mediawiki/Wikipedia wiki syntax to HTML. It supports:
    • wiki tags for bold, italic, headers, nowiki, source, table of content,...
    • wiki tables, lists, categories, footnotes (references)
    • Image:... tag support
    • wiki <source> tag for syntax highlighting of source code fragments:
      java, php, python, html/xml, javascript,...
    • templates (includeonly, noinclude,...)
      The following template parser functions are implemented:
      Expr, If, Ifeq, Iferror, Ifexist, Ifexpr, LC, LCFirst, Padleft,
      Padright, Subst, Switch, Tag, UC, UCFirst, URLEncode
      only partial support is available for: Fullurl, Localurl, NS, Time
    • Lua / Scribunto extension
  • extendable through a model interface (
  • converts HTML to Wikipedia (available as Appengine, GWT application)
  • helper classes for the Wikimedia api.php for downloading wiki texts...
  • Example which shows how to download a complete
    wiki page with templates and images and render it to HTML.
    The templates are cached in a Derby database.
  • helper classes to work with MediaWiki XML dump files.
  • BlikiConverter - A converter tool for using the Wiki2HTML, Plain2Wiki and
    HTML2Wiki conversion methods in a Java Swing GUI

Try the online converter on Google App Engine.

Installation from source

$ mvn install -DskipTests

Using releases

Add the following to your pom.xml.


Using snapshots

Snapshots get updated with every successful build of the project.