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Symja - Java Computer Algebra Library

Symja is a general purpose Java library for symbolic mathematics.

Note: this repository now contains the Java 8 project. The Android library project can be found in the SymjaAndroid repository.


Online demo:

Android Apps which use the Symja library on Google play store:


Include the latest symja_java8-YYYY-MM-DD.jar from the Downloads section in your classpath and start coding using parsed input strings or the internal object hierarchy.

With the following command you can run a symja console from the command line

java -classpath symja_java8-YYYY-MM-DD.jar org.matheclipse.core.eval.Console


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Used Libraries

The Symja library uses the Apache Commons Mathematics Library:

and the Apfloat - Java high performance arbitrary precision arithmetic library

and the JAS - Java Algebra System:

Related GIT Repositories

Symja is the underlying library for the following projects:


  • the underlying libraries (Symja core libraries) are published under the LESSER GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3
  • the parser (and simple numeric evaluators) are published under the APACHE LICENSE Version 2.0.
  • the Apache Commons Mathematics Library is published under Apache software licence
  • the JAS Java Algebra System is published under the (LESSER) GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE licence