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Tab Switcher (for Google Chrome)

###Please help support the Tab Switcher by donating Please help support the Tab switcher by donating

I like using Chrome with keyboard shortcuts and I like using Chrome in presentation mode. I wasn't too happy with the built in options for flicking through tabs baked into the browser.

So I built this extension to offer an OS like tab switcher in the window of your Chrome browser.


Annoyingly, Chrome doesn't yet seem to support the default key shortcuts for commands (on OSX at least), as set in the manifest file of the extension so once you've installed the extension:

  1. Select Keyboard shortcuts from the bottom right of the chrome://extensions page
  2. Select a shortcut for tabbing to the next tab (I use Alt+N)
  3. Select a shortcut for tabbing to the previous tab (I use Alt+P)
  4. Save your settings
  5. restart Chrome :(

Some advice on setting keyboard shortcuts in Chrome

A future release may use application options to set shortcut keys, rather than Chrome commands to set the shortcut keys

##Limitations and known issues * Can't be used on chrome://** pages * Sometimes needs to have pages reloaded when entering presentation mode * Keys on Linux currently require two depresses to remove the tab switcher from the window

For a full list of issues and to make feature requests please visit the issues page

The tab switcher uses the excellent color-thief script by Lokesh Dhakar

Have fun!

##Screenshots Tab Switcher - 500px Tab Switcher - lots of tabs Tab Switcher - not allowed to use it on this tab Tab Switcher - Pinterest