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This package provides estimations for the Horseshoe and Horseshoe+ prior.
It's backed by the Python library hsplus, which contains numeric estimation procedures for the bivariate confluent hypergeometric functions involved--as well as symbolic SymPy implementations. It uses Python's infinite precision mpmath library and PythonInR to call Python from R.

Installation from R

Currently, remote installation in R (without cloning this repository and building locally) requires the devtools package and something like the following:


then, as usual, load the library with library(hsplus).

To update the Python hsplus library, simply run pip from the command line:

$ pip -U

Development Setup and Installation

The pip install is the same as above, except that you might need to add the --force-reinstall option (and --no-deps to avoid reinstalling other packages) in order to pick up any non-version changes in the hsplus Python library.

The following is a quick, simple example of local development for this package in R (see here for more details). Assuming you've pulled the source from the repository into ~/projects/code/hsplus-r-pkg:




#  Assuming you're in the root directory of this repo
#  (and it's named `hsplus-r-pkg`), execute the following
#  to install the package in development mode: 

#  Load all functions and variables into the environment, even
#  those that aren't expected to be exposed in public version of the package.
load_all("./", export_all=T)

#  Do some work, could be in this file, or another.

#  Check that your changes don't break anything else (and that they
#  work, since one should always write tests for their new code)

#  Run these when you're happy with your changes and want to add
#  any new functions and/or update documentation.