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Where shall I address questions, suggestions, feedback?

Please use our facebook app page for a post or a message:

Why is there no layout panel?

That's the default mood, so it's now in the mood panel.

Where do I find a logfile

A logfile 'beamlog.txt' will be written in the subdirectory '$USERHOME/.beam'.

On Windows this might e.g. be 'C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.beam\beamlog.txt' .

Why is there no config file '$USERHOME/.beam/beamconfig.json'

If it's not there, then it gets created by the "Apply" button.

How can I change the log level?

That's not implemented in the config panel yet. In the config file '$USERHOME/.beam/beamconfig.json' there is a property

"LogLevel": "Info",

This can get changed to:

  • "Debug":
  • "Info"
  • "Warning"
  • "Error"
  • "Critical"

Beam: Directory <dirname> does not exist, logging to stdout only

The directory get's created by the "Apply" button.

WARNING : BeamSettings.loadConfig(): configfile in old directory, ignored: '<filename>'

Beam versions since store their configuration and log file not in the user home but in a subdirectory ".beam" there. If you do not need the "BeamConfing.json" for legacy versions of Beam, you can rename or delete that file in your user home directory.

Why does a double click not maximize the display screen?

There is a technical issue with the framework. Use <F11> to toggle the maximized mode.


Error installing wxpython

"distutils.errors.DistutilsPlatformError: Microsoft Visual C++ 14.2 or greater is required. Get it with "Microsoft C++ Build Tools":"