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DataTables Plugin For Grails


This plugin allows you to quickly add feature-rich tables to your Grails application. It uses the excellent DataTables plugin for jQuery created by SpryMedia Ltd.

This plugin provides the following components to your application:

  • A taglib that you use to define the table in your GSP. The taglib generates all the HTML and JavaScript necessary to create the table.
  • A controller and services that provide data for the table.
  • An extensible reporting system.

There are several ways you can add data to your table:

  • You can add the data directly to your GSP.
  • You can pass in a list of objects that you generate in your controller.
  • You can pass in the name of a domain class.

When you pass in the name of a domain class, the plugin will list the objects of that domain class in your table. You can set criteria to allow only a subset of the objects to appear, and you can also choose to have the table only download one page of objects at a time in order to prevent downloading more than is necessary.


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