Adding a new feed/subscription (still) replaces old one

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Issue #25 resolved
Eric Hermes created an issue

It is still not possible to add more than one feed or subscription, even with 1.4.1.

Info: I am using Deluge in thin-client mode, with the server running Debian Jessie with Deluge version 1.3.10 (Python 2.7), and the client running Windows 10 with Deluge version 1.3.12 (Python 2.7 -- Yes, I'm sure). I have installed YaRSS 1.4.1 on both the client and server and restarted both numerous times, as well as disabled and re-enabled the plugin several times. Upon attempting to add a subscription, the window that appears says "Add Subscription", but clicking "Save" overwrites my previous subscription. The same is true for RSS feeds. I have unpacked the egg and have confirmed that the fixes in <<cset 27e2d6535132>> are present.

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  1. Eric Hermes reporter

    I have upgraded YaRSS2 to 1.4.2 both on the remote server and locally, and deleted the yarss2.conf file in ~deluge/.config/deluge on the remote server (I do not see a yarss2.conf anywhere under %APPDATA%\deluge locally). Attempting to add a second RSS feed or Subscription still replaces the first one.

  2. Eric Hermes reporter

    I needed to put the proper version of the .egg file in ~deluge/.config/deluge/plugins/, rather than just in /var/lib/deluged/config/plugins.

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