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Site-specific Documentation for Public UPC++ Installs

This documentation provides usage instructions for installations of UPC++ at various computing centers. It describes command line use of existing UPC++ installations and is not a guide to installing or programming UPC++.

For other types of information:

This documentation is a continuous work-in-progress, intended to provide up-to-date information on public installs maintained by (or in collaboration with) the UPC++ team. However, systems are constantly changing. So, please report any errors or omissions in the issue tracker.

Typically installs of UPC++ are maintained only for the current default versions of the system-provided environment modules. If you find any of the installs described in this documentation to be out-of-date with respect to those defaults, please report using the issue tracker link above.

This documentation is not a replacement for the documentation provided by the centers, and assumes general familiarity with the use of the systems.