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UPC++ Memory Kinds Prototype

This page is devoted to the "memory_kinds" feature branch of UPC++, intended only for use by developers with an interest in the memory kinds feature for CUDA GPU hardware. Other developers should consider use of the latest stable release, available from the main UPC++ wiki page.

This is a prototype release of UPC++ demonstrating the new GPUDirect RDMA (GDR) native implementation of memory kinds for NVIDIA-branded CUDA devices with Mellanox-branded InfiniBand network adapters. More information on the features and requirements associated with this prototype release is given in the

Memory Kinds Prototype Downloads:

Performance comparison of GPU-to-GPU upcxx::copy between two nodes of ORNL Summit over single-rail EDR InfiniBand


Contact Info

We encourage users of this prototype to provide feedback (both positive and negative) through our usual channels.