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INTL Translation editor

Manage translations files based on the extracted messages of the babel-plugin-react-intl

These files can be generated using react-intl-translations-manager


  • Upload descriptors file & language file (optionnaly a whitelist file)
  • Search & update translations
  • Download updated language file / whitelist


  • Descriptors file (defaultMessages.json) AND language file (<lang>.json) are both required
  • Whitelist file is optionnal

NOTE : without whitelist file, translations equals to original message are marked as "untranslated"

Upload files react-intl-editor-01.png

Once uploaded, search bar & translations list are show behind files descriptions


  • "Untranslated" messages have a red border (messages where translation is empty or equal to source)
  • "Whitelisted" message are uneditable (translation equals source)
  • Changes are saved locally and lost if you close the app
  • Once work is made, click on the "Save" buttons at bottom of translations / whitelist files

Note on search

  • You can apply a filter to show only untranslated messages
  • The result list is updated only when
    • Filter criterias change
    • The refresh button is clicked