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#Logo Copy Comments post-function plugin

Copy commits post-function plugin allows you to copy comments from parent to sub-task and/or from sub-task to parent task.

To know more about workflow post-functions in JIRA click here.

Installing the plugin

The Copy Commits plugin is available through Atlassian Marketplace.

Download from:

Please refer to the documentation available here for instructions on how to install a plugin in JIRA.

Configuring your workflow to use the plugin

  1. Login to JIRA as administrator. Go to the administration screen. and click on Issues and select Workflows.step1.png
  2. Choose to edit the workflow in which you would like to add the post-function.
  3. Click on the transition in which you would like to apply the post-function. In the screen shot below, I am choosing "Start Work" transition.step2.png
  4. Click on Post-function and click Add.step3.png
  5. You will have two new options here that is provided by the Copy Comments plugin.step4.png
  6. Select the post-function and click Add.step5.png
  7. Save and publish your workflow. Test your workflow by creating an issue with a few comments and check if the comments get copied.