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Jira Issue Tab Panel Tutorial

Start by installing the Atlassian SDK if you do not already have it installed.

For Windows

For Linux or Mac

Create the plugin by running the following command.

atlas-create-jira-plugin tabpabel

groupId: com.stygian.jira.plugins
artifactId: tabpanel
version: 1.0.0
package: com.stygian.jira.plugins.panels

A new folder called tabpanel will be created. Within the tabpanel directory, run the following command.


Select option 8 for Issue tab panel
Classname: DemoIssueTabPanel
Package: com.stygian.jira.plugins.panels
Show advanced setup: N
Add another module: N

Delete the files that we will not be using/


Delete and unit and integration test cases you won't be using.

Delete the following lines from atlassian-plugin.xml

<component key="myPluginComponent" class="com.stygian.jira.plugins.panels.MyPluginComponentImpl" public="true">

Edit your file and add the line to your import statements

import com.atlassian.crowd.embedded.api.User;

You can generate the HTML you would like to display in the tab panel in For this tutorial, we will just display a simple message.

Replace the code within your getActions method with the code below.

StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
stringBuilder.append("<h1>Issue tab panel content</h1>");
stringBuilder.append("You can generate your html content here to display.");
return Collections.singletonList(new GenericMessageAction(stringBuilder.toString()));

Run the plugin using atlas-debug or atlas-run to test your plugin. Below is the screen shot you should be seeing in the Issue Tab Panel.