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Issue #18 resolved
Robert Jäschke created an issue

On the development system, the picture upload does currently not work as expected. When I change the picture source to "external", everything works. When I switch back to "local" and then select and upload an image, I still see the Gravatar picture. When I then press "reload", I see the default picture.

Please note that my profile is viewable for "friends" only. If I set it to "public", I can see my uploaded photo. This is quite strange, since I would expect that I can always see my own photo.

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  1. Thomas Niebler
    • This seems to be a caching (and thus a browser) problem. Maybe we can change the header of the PictureController response somehow?!
    • This is an issue we're working on. We don't have any information about the loggedinUser in the UserDatabaseManager. We plan on pulling this check up into the PictureController, where we have all the necessary information.
  2. Robert Jäschke reporter
    1. Caching should be handled correctly by the NoCacheFilter such that no changes should be necessary. Did you check the request/response trace of the browser?
    2. Why is the UserDatabaseManager involved when a photo from the user is shown?
  3. Former user Account Deleted

    fixed issue #18 (bug concering profile picture visibility under privacy terms): PictureController evaluates visibility of one's picture instead of ProfilePictureLogic does.

    → <<cset cee44c7ea3df>>

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