Requesting the group CV page of a user reveals the user CV

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Issue #1949 resolved
Thomas Niebler created an issue

If I request the CV of a user as a group page (e.g. /cv/group/thoni), I get the user CV page. The same thing occurs if I request it the other way round, i.e. I request the user CV page of a group user.

I'm not sure if this should be proper behaviour, because this way, we wouldn't need the "group" or "user" specification in the URL of the CV. On the other hand, it does indeed make sense, because of the different user types.

Maybe we should remove the "group" and "user" specification in the URL, i.e. /cv/user/thoni becomes /cv/thoni and /cv/group/uw_seminar(whatever) becomes /cv/uw_seminar(whatever), because the behaviour of the CVPageController determines the page style either way.

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