HTML tags in titles of the "Curriculum vitae" page

Issue #2164 resolved
Neven Jovanovic created an issue

In Bibsonomy 3 Beta, when I call up my CV page, some titles have html tags displayed in text, e. g. <p> in:

Jovanović, Neven. Pogled u konkordanciju Marulićevih latinskih<p> pjesama . 
Colloquia Maruliana IX. 
editor(s) Lučin, ... 

This is not present in citation view, nor when I want to export the bibliography as HTML.

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  1. Daniel Zoller
    • changed status to open

    please recheck the layout files some still are calling both (antiscriptinjection and HtmlCharsAnitScript).

    Some of our formatters also insert html code and must called after this.

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