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Issue #23 on hold
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Changing user's profile picture source from internal to external and/or backwards, some browsers cache the prior picture file instead of showing the other one (cf. Issue #18, too).

  • external -> internal

    Description: Cache problem appears often, if the prior redirect to the external source answered code 302 which is sometimes misinterpreted as code 303, though RFC, however.

    Current solution: Answering code 307, "temporary redirect", seems to cause most browsers to load the internal picture correctly.

  • internal -> external

    Description: Cache problem appears rarely, however. For instance, my Opera shows the old, internal picture -- although it requested the Gravatar picture!

    Potential reason: Opera's http request to Gravatar contains a "If-modified-since"-tag, such as Gravatar's response is code 304 ("not modified"). Maybe this leads Opera to use the (cached) prior, internal picture file.

    Proposed solution: I have no idea how to solve this by now, unfortunately.

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