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Issue #2307 resolved
Martin Becker created an issue

Not all tags are shown for resources (at least for bookmarks). For example for this entry a "mediawiki" tag should appear according to the author (personal correspondence).

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  1. Robert Jäschke

    Are you referring to the "related tags"? I reloaded several times but I could not see a difference in the order and the tag "mediawiki" always appeared.

  2. Daniel Zoller

    not the related tags, in the post list not all tags are shown (the pandoc post has 9 tags but only 4 are shown)

  3. Robert Jäschke

    I see five tags: DocBook converter html latex markdown markup.

    The general problem is that the metadata that is shown for posts is very limited (and there are no "hover" texts showing all the information). I think we need to discuss this issue and come up with a solution. I guess it is rather controversial.

  4. Martin Becker reporter

    In case you cant show them all, I have a suggestion: 1) either make sure that the tags that have been searched for are always shown for each entry in order to not confuse users because the tags they are looking for are not shown, 2) or that none of those tags are shown (since they have been searched for anyways), visualizing or adding a hint to this fact probably is necessary.

  5. Mario Holtmüller

    By now, all tags that we searched for are hidden.

    As well as that you can see all tags of a resource now by clicking the new "show all tags" button next to the tags. It is only visible when it's needed.

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