password reminder for OpenID accounts produces infinite loop

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Issue #2320 resolved
Robert Jäschke created an issue

When trying to use the password reminder for an account that has OpenID enabled, the user is always returned to the reminder page without any error message. There, one can enter the captcha again and again.

I guess the user should get a warning that he is trying to get a password reminder although that is not possible with OpenID.

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  1. Daniel Zoller

    Users with an associated OpenID can request a reminder password, but loose their OpenID access while requesting the reminder password. Therefore they must confirm this by checking a checkbox.

    The error message informing the user about loosing their ability to login with OpenID when requesting a reminder password is currently not shown because the new Bootstrap checkbox tagx file misses to show error messages.

  2. Robert Jäschke reporter

    Thanks for the quick implementation. A hint explaining the checkbox beforehand would also be good.

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