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Issue #2457 resolved
Daniel Zoller created an issue

the spammer group request mails are annoying

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  1. Mario Holtmüller

    I wasn't able to test this on biblicious as my VPN is not working. I'll ask why when I'm in office next time. Can you have a fast look if it is working as intended?

  2. Daniel Zoller reporter

    why do we need the cookieLogic? I think the catcha must be generated each time the group request page is returned. Please check. By the way, could you please merge the branch with default. Thx!

  3. Mario Holtmüller

    Hi, I removed the cookieLogic. It was just for testing. Default was still branched at this point. As well as that I'm not completely sure what else is needed for the captcha. I edited all files needed for the view, is there something else needed, e.g in a settings file or whatever? As well as that it needs to be registered at ReCaptcha I guess?! Is there an account that is used for that normally, or is that done by one of you? Can you give me a little help on that?

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