Searching for a non existent user leads to 404

Issue #2613 resolved
Tom Hanika created an issue

The result of a search for a non-existing user should not be a 404.

"User not found" or "User unknown" would be more appropriate.

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  1. Andreas Hotho

    A user is a page and therefore a 404 fits perfectly. A user not found allows to test our database.

  2. Stephan Doerfel

    From a user perspective I agree with Tom. Entering a user name in the user search should not result in a page that looks like something is broken. As a user I perceive the search like the search in google ;-) And google tells me that it could not find content for my request rather than that pages were not found on the server. We can still send 404 but with a more user-friendly message and without the "its-broken"-looking image.

    @ @hotho: Doesn't the current situation allow testing our database as well? A user page that is not found == A user that does not exist?

  3. Robert Jäschke

    I think this one is easy to solve. We return a 404 HTTP header but a page with a meaningful explanation. So we don't break the HTTP protocol and still satisfy the user. What do you think?

  4. Thomas Niebler

    OK, so I simply implement a view that nicely states that the requested user could not be found, but returns a 404 error code? I'd do the same with the cv page.

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