Usability: Inform group admin of document sharing settings of group users

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Issue #2635 resolved
Thomas Niebler created an issue

In a group it is possible to enable document sharing between the group users. For privacy reasons, there also exists a setting on a user's settings page that she can choose to share her documents with a group. For each user, this setting is by default disabled.

A group admin should be able to see which users share their documents with the group and if possible, contact them to change that setting, if they disabled it.

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  1. Mario Holtmüller

    group administrators can now see in the member list table, if a member is sharing his/her documents with the group this feature is only active, if the group share documents is enabled.

  2. Mario Holtmüller
    • changed status to open

    As I forgot that we have no possibility to easily contact other users, a feature needs to be added that allows the admin to inform the user, that he has disabled the group document sharing.

    What is the desired feature? Sending an Email to the user by clicking the not shared button in the member list? Is custom text needed?

  3. Mario Holtmüller

    No. It's only possible to accept or dismiss the invite. Should we add a checkbox or some kind of dialog (JS popup or something similar) here?

  4. Daniel Zoller

    I would suggest to add two buttons for accepting the invite:

    1) accept and share docs 2) accept invitation

    (instead of the checkbox)

  5. Mario Holtmüller

    I added the new button mentioned. Do you want the previous discussed Email notification as well, or only the button for now?

  6. Daniel Zoller

    @Isgaroth Please disable the share and accept group invitation button for groups that do not allow document sharing

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