Follow up on issue #2849: author/authorname/sys:user:username empty if visibility = friends

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Issue #2850 resolved
Oliver Vogels created an issue

I have to bring issue 2849 up again. After changing the visibility of my collection from "friends" to "public" and back to "friends", the author's pages were filled with entries.

But after several hours, the pages were empty again (after reindexing?) and I had to change the visibility of my entire collection back to "public" or "private" to fill the author's pages again with entries.

Is there any limiation in the visibility of "other -> friends"?

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  1. Daniel Zoller
    • changed status to open

    we will investigate the problem

    but it will take some time, because we are currently working to improve our search

  2. Oliver Vogels reporter

    Sure. Alright. Can you confirm the issue? It is still possible I am just doing something wrong as I am not familiar with the visibility settings...

  3. Oliver Vogels reporter

    Well, yesterday I changed my entire collection to other -> friends and it worked. But today I am experiencing the same issue. After some hours the author URL pages are empty. Would you please check the issue again?

  4. Daniel Zoller

    sorry for the misunderstanding.

    the bug is fixed in the code, now it will be tested.

    After testing we will release the bug fix. The release date is TBA.

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