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If you intend to use the BibSonomy webservice with another programming language than Java, you are welcome to develop your own client library communicating directly with the REST webservice. Authentication is done via HTTP Basic authentication. In the REST architecture's philosophy each accessible object gets its own URI. The accessible objects of BibSonomy are users, groups, posts and tags.

The exposed URIs are summarized here.

REST webservices exchange structured data; so all exchange documents must be valid to a given XML schema. The XML schema we use is docmented here.

If you succeed in writing your own client library, please let us know and send us your files, so that other programmers can benefit from your work. Thank you in advance.


A minimal Perl example how to access our API is the following:

use LWP;
my $http_client = LWP::UserAgent->new;            # HTTP client
my $url = '';

$http_client->credentials(                        # HTTP authentication
      'USERNAME' => 'APIKEY'

my $response = $http_client->get($url);           # send request to API

print $response->content;                         # print result