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2.0.42 (sdo)

Date: 2014/02/26




  • new Scraper: JStageScraper() DeGruyterScraper
  • OAuth overview for everyone + posibility to delete a single auths [sni]
  • sortable Post lists in der API
  • preview pictures via API
  • UpdateUserSettingscontroller fängt >1.000 Elemente als Einstellung ab
  • New SettingsTab: view and delete OAuth Tokens
  • Sort parameters in API
  • new footer
  • BibtexDetailsClean has new Search Box to search for a publication in external sources

TODO: move to next release

  • Community Posts + History?
  • groups [cba/tni]
  • display post metadata (currently only the copy "graph")? [cba]
  • FIXME: remove admin Logic from picture controller
  • Double check Lazy Loading of user pictures


  • new replaces the Makefile in bibsonomy-webapp for the deployment to all servers
  • Hidden System Tags are handled properly in getPostDetails
  • Fixed new content_id for goldstandard and for publications
  • main pom: Artifactory ist durch ersetzt worden, im DistributionManagement wird das artifactory benutzt. Hintergrund: artifactory enthält zukünftig sowohl die Snapshots als auch die release versionen sowie alle 3rd party jars. is it öffentliche Sicht darauf.
  • Fixed default picture for gravatar users
  • home.jsp setzt jetzt disableSort auf true. Sorting the homepage is not meaningfull as it is designed to show the latest posts.
  • Hack for the exclusion of the VuFind-Puma OAuth Connection in the new setings tag

Necessary Changes


generate random auth.cookie.cryptkey and reset it in all config files (sorry!)

new property invisible.oauth.consumers = use comma separated values (OAuth Consumer keys) for tokens that should not be displayed in the new settings-OAuth-Tab


add current content id column

ALTER TABLE log_bibtex ADD `current_content_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0';
ALTER TABLE log_bookmark ADD `current_content_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0';
ALTER TABLE log_gold_standard ADD `current_content_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0';