Update binnie mods to New Forestry-4.x.x-unstable

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After the giant refactor, binnie mods need an update @binnie567

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  1. mrgraphic

    The last working build is .639. While it could be nice to have "correct" textures on forestry multiblocks it is still dev/unstable not recomended branch.

  2. Schuby

    Actually, I am here to put more reason in this issue.

    I have a longtime word running, an the railcraft chunkloader are the only ones in my pack. They are running on cresote wax capsuls. And here's the problem. All mutations ares bugged, so I can't breeds any bees. (https://github.com/bdew/gendustry/issues/125#issuecomment-131494255) Gendustry has fixed this problem in the newest version, but I can't update cause of binnie-mods. Removing it, will cause a change in world files (and will remove all bee hives in generated world). I don't want to do this.

    So I will wait for an binnie update, but I want to give you this information. I don't want to stress you, I am thankful for your time and work, you put into it. I just want to push this issue to the top ;-)

  3. dualinfinities MC

    Forestry 4.0.X is the current release version. This means updating will become a critical issue moving forwards.

  4. mrgraphic

    It may take a while, probably next holidays in february or next summer - release echos from the past ;).

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