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Issue #32 resolved
Florian Wilkemeyer created an issue

When adding your mod in a gregtech enabled environment the loadingtimes (client-start-time) will increase massivly.

It happens during Ore Unification, as it seems that it calls binnie.extratrees.block.decor.NBTShapedRecipe.* stuff very often

It would be nice if theres some way to improve the loading times^^

I attached a screen of VisualVM's Sampler / Time Tracing. The collected samples were only taken from client-start until the main menu appears.

Thank you for your Support and Work^^

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  1. Florian Wilkemeyer reporter

    Its 2.0-dev3,

    Other Mod Versions: - GregTech 5.03h for 1.7.10 - IC2 2.2.559-exp - Forestry

  2. Florian Wilkemeyer reporter

    Additional Info: crafting anything will also cause heavy load / invoking this method

    For example crafting a stack Iron Ingots from Piles.. etc etc

  3. Pdactyl

    I have the same issue with 2.0-dev4 and the following:

    GT IC2 2.2.632 Forestry

    Help us Binnie567, you are our only hope!

  4. David Harris

    Same experience for us. We're using 2.0-dev4, gregtech_1.7.10-5.04.02 and forestry_1.7.10-

    When we remove binnie-mods-2.0-dev4, the loading time improve massively, i.e. return to normal.

  5. Haka Meda

    Has there been any luck with this? I can't choose between my two favorite mods but the load time is crazy

  6. The Mole

    This problem has been around for month and it's really annoying. I play on a server with it's own pack which has both binnies mods and gregtech in it and i have to wait for 10 minutes for the game to start! What about finally fixing it?

  7. Mikulisan .

    TheMole: i know it's annoying, but Binnie is a student, so he has not so much of free time at this time i suppose. We have to simply wait for some holidays or something and hope that this will be fixed soon :) Hope dies at last :))

  8. Tsuko

    Hi, i'm using the infitech2 FTB modpack (v1.1.9) and binnie core mod (2.0-dev5) is known to cause massive loading times (+7-10 minutes) when loaded ( this is for minecraft 1.7.10 (GregTech MC1710) )

    Right now we voted to use an alternative mod and in the next version of the modpack, binnie core will be disabled by default but we would really like your mod to load properly with gregtech so if you ever have time please look into this thanks! <3 :)

  9. Miguel Andrade

    Yeah, removing binnie's mods drops my loading time from 15 minutes to 7. I really appreciate a fix.

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