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5 Reasons Why Muslim Women Wear the Abaya

The definition of the term hijab is to block, or to set a barrier. Practically, wearing an abaya or hijab means for a woman to cover up her entire body and shape, for example her hair.


womens-2614691_1920.jpg However, instead of what people typically think it is, I for one feel that the wearing an abaya really allows and frees me. Let me ask you; are you not tired of being a sexual thing? Are you not tired of having to fake yourself all the time? Are you really not upset that each and every time most guys look at you, all they see is the entire body rather than your brains? Is not it time you adopted the easy life, the actual life? Is not it time to demand that society sees you otherwise?

Getting an abaya these days is not much difficult. There are loads of websites where Muslim sisters can buy an abaya online. But before buying an abaya, you should know the why of it. Here are five reasons why Muslim women need to wear the abaya and hijab.

1) Islam prescribes the abaya

The term "Islam" means submission. Muslims are therefore anticipated to apply to the almighty God and follow all his orders without question. That is true religion. Muslim scholars unanimously agree that wearing the abaya is mandatory.

2) You're a Muslim and this is your true identity

Each and every one of us is a representative of our religion. As a Muslim, you need to remain different from by the rest of society. A real Muslim's trademark is modesty and humility. Anybody who sees a lady with a scarf understands that she's a Muslim girl. The abaya ought to be worn with pride since it's the Muslim woman's biggest identity.

Wearing an abaya reinforces the fact that: "yes I am a follower of the Islamic religion, I'm Modest and chaste and pure."

3) Abaya protects you

The girls who are assumed to be the moms of society, the guards, the backbone of the society, are very vulnerable to rape, sexual harassment and other dreadful crimes.

Not to mention that guys have some justification for all these crimes at all, as women we must be cautious and should take action to protect ourselves. The abaya is just one such thing, which may send out an extremely important signal to individuals, which you're a girl who respects herself and should not be dismissed.

Does the abaya protect you from harassment, but it also prevents individuals from taking you casually as just another girl who's inviting focus.

4) Abaya lets you to glow

When a girl wears the abaya, she is saying “I'm confident in myself and my skills”. She's essentially saying she doesn't have to put herself out there to be valued. She enjoys herself and is wherever she's solely due to her abilities.

Even people around you'll be more real, because they won't approach you solely on the grounds of your attractiveness. Wearing the abaya really does permit you to shine through with your own skills and skills. You are able to show the world what you could do without them fixated on the way you look.

5) Abaya makes you more respectable

Nowadays, women are objectified into an intense level. Video shows, films, billboard, etc are all casting the female body as an object of desire. Guys have lost all respect with this beauty and instead take it like a play item.

Women too are affected by those 'tendencies' and therefore are forced to take drastic steps like losing weight reduction, being ashamed of their own bodies and fretting about plastic surgery etc..

They endanger their health, forfeit their happiness and serenity and give up their final aim – obedience of their Lord, their Creator. Wear the abaya as you don't need to do everything. Wear the abaya since you deserve esteem and since you're a girl who respects herself.


To conclude, I would say that wearing the abaya is a private decision, but I'd strongly suggest all our sisters to give it a go, even if briefly, to determine how wearing the abaya impacts their understanding and the perception of individuals around them.