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blaze / Blaze References

In case you need references to the Blaze library (for papers or other publications), please feel free to use one of the following references:

   author       = "Klaus {Iglberger}",
   title        = "Blaze C++ Linear Algebra Library",
   howpublished = "",
   year         = 2012
   author  = "Klaus {Iglberger} and Georg {Hager} and Jan {Treibig} and Ulrich {R{\"u}de}",
   title   = "Expression Templates Revisited: A Performance Analysis of Current Methodologies",
   journal = "SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing",
   year    = 2012,
   volume  = 34(2),
   pages   = C42--C69
   author    = "Klaus {Iglberger} and Georg {Hager} and Jan {Treibig} and Ulrich {R{\"u}de}",
   title     = "High Performance Smart Expression Template Math Libraries",
   booktitle = "Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on New Algorithms and Programming Models for the Manycore Era (APMM 2012) at HPCS 2012",
   year      = 2012

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