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Readme Documentation Rewrite

  1. Thomas Atkinson

Rewrote Readme-CMake to make it easier to read and added a Readme file to outline what libraries are needed to compile project with links.

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  1. Morel Bérenger repo owner

    Thanks for your works.

    However, I had completely forgot that cmake-readme, and it is simply fully outdated:

    • cmake now builds configuration itself (for some parts it justs copy source configuration, but the file autorealm/conf is auto-generated)
    • output directories have changed: if you follow the described procedure, the executable will be in build/bin/, libraries in build/lib/ and plug-ins in /build/lib/plugins/ if I remember correctly.
    • there is a new dependency (which should become a git module later) on this file: https://bitbucket.org/bmorel/tree/src/29d637d0183fa7e2215c92b464f536c6b03a567c/tree.h?at=master which needs to be copied into src/

    So, this file should be completely rewritten since it is now completely wrong. If you can do this, it would be interesting. Otherwise, I will accept this pull, since you are right: it is far easier to read, and will do that job myself (after all, I should have already made it).

    PS: I have noticed some typo in the file Readme.txt:

    • "so the desiciion" (decision)
    • "this rewrite also use" (uses)
    • "Puma (https" (Pluma)