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Consensus nucleus panel

The consensus panel displays available consensus nuclei for selected datasets. The chart will keep a fixed square aspect ratio. The height of the chart can be adjusted by dragging the slider between the top half of the window (log panel, populations panel, consensus panel) and the bottom half (tab panel); the chart will expand to fit.

The consensus nucleus is generated by sampling the coordinates of each vertically-oriented nucleus at equivalent proportions around the perimeter, and taking the median of the X and Y values at each point to be the consensus value at that point. Where segment colours are shown in an outline, the interquartile range of the angle profiles for the population is also drawn atop the consensus shape. This highlights regions of the sperm head that have the greatest shape variability in the population. It is drawn orthogonal to the perimeter and scaled to a maximum of 10% of the lower of the bounding width or bounding height of the nucleus.


If a single dataset is selected, the display shows the outline in black, with the relative IQR in colour according to the appropriate segment of the nucleus.

If multiple datasets are selected, only the outline is shown, in the dataset's preferred colour:


Adjusting the image

When a single dataset is selected, options are available to adjust the rotation and position of the consensus nucleus. In the image at the top of this page, the controls are shown on the right of the consensus panel.

Control Action
+r, -r rotate 1 degree clockwise or anti-clockwise about the centre of mass
! reset the rotation to use vertical points if present, or set the orientation point underneath the centre of mass
+x, -x, +y, -y adjust the position of the nucleus by one pixel in the given direction
! reset the centre of mass to position 0,0.

Rotation and offsets can also be applied in exact amounts using the right-click menu.


Exporting the consensus outline

Right click the chart, and select 'Export svg', at the bottom of the menu.