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openGLCD / ChangeLog



  • added custom sed1520 init routine to fully initialize sed1520 chips
  • raw avr pins changed from PIN_Pb to AVRPIN_Pb , backlight control now uses active level
  • corrected some typos in pin define names
  • verify that all data line pins are defined and none duplicate pins
  • doxygen updates for new Teensy 3.4
  • Add support for 4 sed1520 E signals & EADIP180-5 sample config file
  • updated to use new IDE 1.6.10 includes field
  • work around for Arduino 1.6.10 PIN_An defines that collide with avrio defines.
  • GLCDdiags update to print revision 1.0.0 correctly
  • removed silly warning from gText.cpp
  • updates to support Teensy 3.4 & Teensy 3.5 boards
  • removed GLCDv3 & MUCIO google code project links from additional resources
  • GLCDdiags prints if delays are using CoreCode built in delay functions
  • changed ARM delay support to work for any ARM MCU vs just specific ARM processors
  • updated copyright year
  • corrected config name for sed1520 mtb368 panel
  • Auto changelog now specifies git version info for latest version rather than "Current"
  • bmp2glcd fix. Newer versions of gcc requiring including unistd.h
  • Documentation & Doxygen updates/corrections
  • Diags reports more config options
  • code turns on pullups during busy selftest to ensure busy failure when wired incorrectly.
  • build script no longer has to be run in/from the directory where it lives
  • doxygen updates for writeUTF8()
  • create arduino file, move library name to build info parameter
  • update troubleshooting to include looking for soldering issues
  • updated doxygen cfg file to 1.8.7 and turn on ARDUINO define to always show 1.x APIs
  • openGLCD ks0108 example updated for openGLCD and to support variable gemoetries
  • Tweaks to avoid proto type parsing errors in IDE 1.6.7 and newer
  • GLCD_EINVAL keyword added
  • Correct typo/bug in 1284 mapping macros
  • update to support ARDUINO rev format that changed after 1.5.8
  • removed unnecessary include from diags sketch


  • Removed AVR specific enable pullup code. Will be addressed properly before 1.0
  • doxygen ks0108 updates for Teensy LC
  • diags prints pass/fail counts, smarter wait on USB based serial ports like Teensy
  • Teensy LC updates; updates for Jack's 1284p core
  • doxygen update for GLCD class GotoXY()
  • License is now GPLv3 only vs GPLv3+
  • added note about ST7920 to ks0108 wiring info


  • Correct avr progmem issues in 2 fonts
  • updates for regession tests and internal build notes
  • Added new fonts
  • updated CharHeight example and doucmenation
  • Added new area properties to return min an max character codes of font
  • updates for utf8 support
  • Added space character to Arial14 font
  • added utf8 10x16 font


  • auto generated changelog now included in distribution images
  • added Internal debuging macro
  • Fixed rendering bug with modulo 15 pt font sizes on odd pixel boundaries
  • Added support for UTF8 character encoding
  • add link to Jacks updated ManiacBug 1284 core to documentation
  • Updates and fixes to support up to 9 chips with 9 chipselects
  • fixes for sed1520 support
  • alternate changelog script
  • updates for new sed1520 support. streamlines all sed1520 devices into a single sed1520 device file. added support for devices with dual chipselects vs dual enables
  • build script creates a change log since last tagged release.


  • Added Script to automate generating changelogs
  • Initial support for sed1520 4GLM122232 panel
  • Removed Streaming library header from openGLCD. In order to use Streaming, the Streaming library must be added.
  • Corrected/updated documentation, mostly typos
  • updated copyright dates
  • version of MPIDE before 0023 2013-07-15 are no longer supported.
  • update for readCoreTimer() no longer works on MPIDE version before 2013-07-15
  • autoconfig vs manual config clarifications in the config file
  • Added support for SleepingBeauty in mighty1284 core
  • updated pic32 delay_cycles() function for non plib environment.
  • fixed error in glcdio_ReadByte() macro
  • added notes for i2c and issue error if CSEL3 and CSEL4 not defined.
  • added information about CSEL3
  • added repo path to main readme
  • added support for Teensy 3.1
  • updated backlight circuit comments in Off/On sketches.
  • added digital clock. Clock sketches get initial date/time from compiled date/time
  • corrected bug in restoring font in loop() and speed up overall demo.
  • Print is inherited by gText instead of glcd_Device
  • Added new GLCDCFG option to force corecode mode.
  • updated comments for backlight control
  • tweaked to fit text on smaller sed1520 display.
  • Updates mostly for build script change to build 3 zip files in a revision subdirectory.
  • mods to allow bigdemo to compile on teensy boards with newer AVR compilers.
  • updated and renamed openGLCD glcd logo photo.
  • updates to move the GLCDv3 header to the include directory.
  • include for arduino_io was wrong. Lucky anything worked. remove includes from openGLCD_config.h, updateds for bobuino. It had uneeded externs in its variant that required included it as C vs C, diag output tweak for AVR byte mode, added _BV() macro for systems that don't have it.
  • pgmspace mods to allow code to run on stock MPIDE. Created glcd_types.h, modified openGLCD_config.h file to no longer include panel config file but instead to just create a define for it.
  • moved untested/experimental fonts out of distribution until they are tested and become official.
  • updated pinconfig comments to be clearer about what boards/chips use the file.
  • updates to support chipKIT (delays, and digitalXXXFast() stuff)
  • initial check in of pic32 digitalXXXFast() macros
  • updated doxygen for new config file naming. Now reports error if Arduino IDE < 19