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openGLCD / FeatureOverview

Feature Overview


  • Optional GLCDv3 library compatibility mode
  • Uses GLCDv3 library wiring

Graphic Features

Graphic Features Video Demo

  • draw pixels
  • draw lines
  • draw/fill rectangles, rounded rectangles
  • invert rectangles
  • draw/fill circles, ellipses
  • draw/fill triangles
  • draw bitmaps
    • X11/XBM bitmap support
  • draw bargraphs
    • Vertical (top to bottom or bottom to top)
    • Horizontal (right to left or left to right)

Text Features

  • user defineable text areas
    • up/down scrolling
    • user selectable variable & fixed width fonts
    • text overstrike mode
  • Draw text strings with alignment
    • left/right/center justification
    • col/row
    • x/y pixel coordinate
  • render variable fonts with fixed width spacing
  • non padded fonts (allows cp437 fonts)
  • printf output support
  • Set/clear text area mode options
  • get text area properties
  • get CharHeight/CharWidth of characters
  • full support for F() macro (including in pre 1.x IDEs)

Device Features

  • backlight support (requires additional cirtuitry)
    • on/off
    • brightness
  • enable/disable display (pixels on/off)
  • support for ks0108 display
  • support for sed1520 display
  • support for hd44102 display


  • Hello World
  • Various demos including a game
  • h/w diagnostic tool
  • Seperate APIexample for each API function (Graphics, Text, Device)
  • examples showing GLCDv3 library comptability mode

Enhanced Core/Board support

  • Arduino Uno/2009/m168/m328 boards
  • Teensy/Teensy++
  • Teensy v3 support
  • Leonardo & other Arduino 32u4 board support
  • ManniacBug1284p Core: Sanguino, Mighty1284p, Bobuino
  • Chipkit support
  • Arduino core code fall back mode so it works on any "Arduino" board.