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love2d-AdMob-Android / Instruction

Love to Android

(This guide is mainly for Windows Users. As for Linux/Mac OS users, this are fairly easy.)

Setting Up:

Download the Following, place them in a convenient location like C:\AndroidDevelopment\

You will need the following:

  1. Java Development Kit (JDK) Note: Download the one without Netbeans IDE.
  2. Android SDK

    Note: Once downloaded, open SDK Manager and Download:

    * Tools
        * Android SDK Platform-tools
        * Android SDK Build-Tools Rev 19.1
        * Google Play Services
    * Android 4.4.2 (API 19 and 23 are the minimum versions)
        * SDK Platform
        * ARM EABI v7a System Image
        * Google APIs
        * Sources for Android SDK
    * Extras
        * Android Support Repository
        * Google USB driver
  3. Android NDK (DOWNLOAD r19c! (Stable) here)

  4. Gradle

And then git clone the repo.

Configure your paths.

To add in System Paths: Right Click My Computer/This PC -> Properties -> Advance System Settings -> Environment Variables ->

Under System variables:

`Click New, then "Name", Path` (Paths are subject to change, depending on your directory)

+ new "ANDROID_HOME" -> C:\AndroidDevelopment\Android\sdk
+ new "ANDROID_NDK" -> C:\AndroidDevelopment\android-ndk-xxx\
+ new "ANDROID_SDK" -> C:\AndroidDevelopment\Android\sdk

Then double click PATH under System variables, add a new line, and directory for gradle

RUN test!

  • Navigate to the repo's root folder, i.e C:\AndroidDevelopment\love2d-admob-sdl2
  • Open file and edit
  • Open a command prompt, go in the repo's directory.
  • Run gradlew build

Wait for it to finish, it should run into any error. If so, please let me know. After it is finished successfully, you can see a .apk file in app/build/output/apk/, try that on your phone.

Adding your game!

  • You can put your file inside /app/src/main/assets/ folder, if assets is not present, create one.
  • Open build.gradle file in /app/ and make relevant changes to defaultConfig


    in this example, we will use the package com.myawesome.flam, you ofcourse change that into your own.

    • Open AndroidManifest.xml in your app/src/main folder.
    • Edit the following:
      • <manifest package="com.myawesome.flam" <= very important, you can change that package, be consistent.
      • Under <application, change android:label into your game's name. Also change the one under the <activity.
      • also under that, change android:name into something like: MyAwesomeGameActivity
      • android:screenOrientation, either "portrait", "landscape", "sensorLandscape", etc.
    • change applicationId with your package name, ie com.myawesomegame.flam
    • Also, create that structure in /love/src/main/java/
    • So in my example, it would be /love/src/main/java/com/myawesomegame/flam/
    • inside that subdirectory, create the file Open that file, and change the following:
      • after package into com.myawesomegame.flam
      • after public class , the name of your FILE and your android:label, which in this example is MyAwesomeGameActivity
      • Don't forget to save your changes.
  • Then run gradlew build again to see build and generate your apk :)