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An Android app to view Sifter issues using the SifterAPI. Please use the issues page to report bugs or make suggestions. Also visit Breaking Bytes for more updates and other info.



Download and install the latest version of SifterReader from the Android Market.

Past versions of SifterReader are available on the downloads page.

Note: Please remove and uninstall any beta versions you have installed before you download the latest version.


You must have a Sifter account to use this app. You will also need to have created an access key on the My Profiles page, see Getting and Access Key. The first time you start SifterReader, the Login screen will be displayed. Enter your subdomain, usually your company name, and your access key.

SifterReader Login

If your login is not accepted the status will indicate whether the URL, account or token are invalid, or if the keys are missing. Once the login keys have been accepted by the SifterAPI, a list of your projects will be displayed.

SifterReader Projects

Note: SifterReader uses an internet connection. You will see a spinning progress meter while SifterReader attempts to connect to the SifterAPI to obtain your info. If your connection is too weak to make a successful connection, you can quit the application by pressing the home key.

Long-pressing any project will bring up the context menu. Clicking any of the options will display a list of that detail.

SifterReader Project Context Menu

For example clicking issues will display a list of issues.

SifterReader Issues

On the issues screen, you can use the menu key to return to the projects screen, to set the number of issues displayed per page and filters and make queries. You can also search using the search key.

SifterReader Settings/Filters

Finally clicking on any issue, project, milestone, category or user, will bring up a details page.

SifterReader Details

To exit, press the home key at any time. Enjoy!