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TurtleSift is an issue tracker plugin for Sifter and TortoiseSVN that uses the IBugtraqProvider interface and .NET sifterapi by Chris Turner.


Click here to download TurtleSift. To find your download, look on the tags tab for the OS you are using, either x86 or x64. Alternately clone the entire repository either here on Bitbucket or on Github.


TurtleSift lets you view your Sifter issues from the commit dialog box of TortoiseSVN by adding the "Choose Issue" box (circled in red).

TortoiseSVN Commit Dialog Box with TurtleSift

Clicking on "Choose Issue" brings up the MyIssuesForm from which you can select issues to add to your comments.

TurtleSift MyIssuesForm


  1. A Sifter account.
  2. TortoiseSVN and a working Subversion repository.
  3. The full version of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. You must have the full version; the client version is insufficient. After installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, it is important to download and install the latest Windows Updates. Visit Microsoft .NET Framework for more information.


  1. Download TurtleSift anywhere on your computer.
  2. Navigate to the install folder and double-click TurtleSift.bat. This is a batch file that will register the plugin so that TortoiseSVN can use it, make a backup of your registry, merge its keys with your registry and finally log each step and any errors.
  3. Log in to your Sifter issue tracker website and create a new access key by clicking My Profile then Access Keys.
  4. Open TortoiseSVN settings by right clicking on any folder and selecting settings from the TortoiseSVN sub context menu. Then expand Hook Scripts and select Issue Tracker Integration. TortoiseSVN Settings - Issue Tracker Integration
  5. Click Add to configure, then select TurtleSift.MyPlugin from the list of providers. n.b. If TurtleSift.MyPlugin is not listed, then there was an error during the installation; check TurtleSift.log. TortoiseSVN Issue Tracker Integration Configuration
  6. Fill in the path to your local working copy.
  7. Click Options and fill in your Sifter Project, Access Key and Subdomain. TurtleSift can only be associated with one Sifter Project. Your Sifter Subdomain is the first part of your Sifter issue tracker website. There is a link to Sifter on the OptionsForm if you need to obtain your Access Key. The link will open the developers tab in your default internet browser. Click Login to access your Sifter issue tracker website. TurtleSift OptionsForm to Configure TortoiseSVN Issue Tracking Integration
  8. Click OK, OK, OK to confirm and exit all screens. Congratulations! You've installed TurtleSift.
  9. Repeat on each machine on which you use TortoiseSVN and Sifter.

Extra Features

  • If you want TurtleSift to automatically create links to your Sifter issues, add the following bugtraq properties to your repository
bugtraq:message=issue: %BUGID%
bugtraq:url=https://<your sifter subdomain>
  • There is also an uninstaller, unTurtleSift.bat, that will make a backup of your registry, make removeTurtleSift.reg, remove its keys with from registry, unregister the plugin so that TortoiseSVN can no longer use it and finally log each step and any errors.


Please use the issue tracker to search or report bugs or feature requests.


See the Discussion page to add your comments.

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