Hook is slow when pushing a new branch

Issue #4 resolved
Carolyn Van Slyck repo owner created an issue

When pushing a new branch, the hook is extremely slow.

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  1. Carolyn Van Slyck reporter

    Stash is passing 0 as the from SHA when pushing to a new branch, causing the hook to evaluate all change sets, not just the new ones included in the push.

    See https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/223143/how-to-get-only-new-changesets-in-pre-receive-hook-on-new-branch-push

    Since identifying the commits included in the push is not very straightforward, and only new branches are affected, it makes more sense to just not check for merge commits on new branches.

  2. Dan Cruver

    We were having this same issue and we found this pull request. My admin compiled your 1.0.3 tag and it seemed to do the trick. Thank you.

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