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Calling All Coders!


What does CAR do?

Central Access Reader (CAR) is free, open source, text-to-speech application designed specifically for students with print-related disabilities. CAR reads Word Docs and pasted text using the voice installed on your computer. CAR has an intuitive interface and many customizable features.

Why does CAR matter?

For many, reading text and math content can be a huge barrier to learning. CAR helps break down the barriers to learning by allowing users to change how text looks and sounds. There are many TTS programs out there. CAR provides simple solutions, with features that many other projects charge a lot money for. CAR is built for students and disability providers. Most importantly, CAR is available to everyone, without cost. For many people on Earth, free is the only option.


CAR has always been free to everyone.

Math Content

CAR makes it easy to make math content accessible. Insert math into Microsoft Word with Word Equation Editor or MathType, and CAR will make it readable. Users can choose between pre-set math options, and CAR's customizable Math Library Development Environment let's anyone change how CAR handle math; you can even share your customizations with other CAR users!

Smart Portability

Users can export content into MP3 or a dynamic HTML that works with virtually any screen reader.

We need your help!

CAR started off as a small project to solve a simple problem: make producing and accessing alternative media simple. Since then, it has become so much more. More and more people depend on CAR to access content. The possibilities are many.

Creativity Welcome

The most pressing issues for accessibly in higher education can be solved. If you ever had an idea about how to make content easy to produce and access, then this is your opportunity.

Where is CAR Driving?

CAR is poised to adapt to the ever-changing and diverse needs of users. CAR is written with the power and flexibility of Python. The sky's the limit! Possibilites for CAR: -EPUB 3 export: Car could be the easiest way to publish to EPUB! -Diverse Math Libraries: Create math libraries that read math for k-12 and other languages. -Improvements to the application client: make CAR even easier to understand and use! -Expand OS support: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Linux are waiting for something like CAR! -Screen Reader support: open the doors for everyone to use, even screen reader users! -[Your idea here]: Anything that improves access to content is welcome!

Join Our Team

Contact to join the CAR team! Be part of the world's best solution to creating accessible content.