# README for gptools scripts This document is an overview about the gptools (Tools for GPlates) package in the repository. See "License" below for a license of the tools in this directory. **Please also see the source code of the scripts for usage and license. If you end up using any of the scripts in your publications, please acknowledge the author(s) and the repository URL (**. Christian Heine, 2013-06-19 Contact: []( ## Any plate tectonic map needs to provide markers for the reader in order to provide some orientation relative to present-day. This script is a simple Python script to generate graticule lines at present-day in the [GPlates]( ``*.gpml`` file format (GPlates Markup Language). The script generates a plain-text, xml-based file with line features at user-defined spacing either regionally (user provides a bounding box) or globally (default). The graticule lines can then be imported into GPlates and reconstructed. In order to do this, the user has to have a set of polygons loaded which then used for cookie-cutting and age-assignment for the graticules. When exported, these features can be plotted with [GMT]( using different line styles (dashed, solid, etc.). For an example, please see Figs 15-21 in Heine et al., 2013, Kinematics of the South Atlantic Rift, Solid Earth, accepted. URL: []( The screenshots in the image directory shows the potential use: - Graticule loaded into plain GPlates window: ![graticuleplain][]. - Global graticule lines cookie-cut and age-assigned using static polygons: ![graticulecookiecut][]. - Graticule lines reconstructed to 100 Ma: ![graticulereconstructed][]. Written by Christian Heine, March 2013 ## License Unless otherwise stated the scripts are licensed using a [GNU Affero General Public License]( Documentation is relased under a [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License]( [graticuleplain]: images/graticuleplain.png "Graticule" [graticulecookiecut]: images/graticulecookiecut.png "Cookie-cut graticule" [graticulereconstructed]: images/graticulereconstructed.png "Reconstructed graticule"