Preparation of scripts for configuration of an environment to work with the unit tests

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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

Target Description

All tools required for using ChocoOS has to be included to the system or installed automatically to make environment preparation process as simple as possible. Unit tests mechanism has to also follow this rule.

General Description

The system should have an integrated mechanism to handle unit tests. It has to be configured automatically, and ready to use after call of a script or select_arch.bat.

List of requirements

  • [ #243 ] - Tool used for unit tests has to be choosen
  • [ #243 ] - The system has to be integrated with the choosen tool
  • [ #243 ] - The choosen tool has to be ready after clone system repository and call of select_arch script


  • [ #203 ] - Unit tests mechanism


  • [ #243 ] - Choose unit tests tool and prepare the system repository to work with it

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