Unit tests mechanism

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Goal Reason

The system did not have unit-tests for a long time. There were some tests at the beginning, but only for one module and they are obsolete now. Moreover the used framework is not integrated with the system and we do not know, where it is now. As the system is still in pre-alpha cycle and review process was not properly done in the last time, it is full of bugs. We want to improve a quality of the code to allow for usage of the system in professional purposes

General Description

The system has to have a mechanism for performation and preparation of the unit tests in easy way. There should be a script in the Source directory, that allows for unit-tests execution and it should be called in the bitbucket pipeline after build of the project. The unit-tests framework has to be integrated with the system architecture to allow for adding new LLD, drivers or modules tests, with one call of a script.

List of points

  • [ #213 ] - Preparation of scripts for configuration of an environment to work with the unit tests
  • [ #215 ] - Integration of the framework with the system architecture

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