Integration of the framework with the system architecture

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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

Target Description

A system does not provide an easy way to prepare unit tests for most important module types such as drivers, programs, modules or objects.

General Description

It has to be possible to prepare unit tests according to template by calling a script. It should be as easy as creating new programs in the system. User should can call a script or newunittest.bat with arguments to create standard unit tests for the system parts. There should be also a script, that will proceed all unit tests.

List of requirements

  • [ #244 ] - Script for creating unit tests for windows and linux
  • [ #244 ] - One script to create a unit test of all types: for drivers, for objects, file systems and for modules


  • [ #203 ] - Unit tests mechanism


  • [ #244 ] - Preparation of script for generation of unit tests

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