Providing support of commands given as the program arguments in chell

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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

Implementation reason

Currently default program is set in configuration by name. It does not provide a possibility to give additional parameters to program and it does not allow for joining commands.

Generic Description

The goal is to change chell program in a way that allows for passing commands in the program arguments. Here is an example:

chell ps -a | echo "I work"
Implementation should use static function ParseAndExecuteCommand and last argument on list ( Argv[ Argc - 1 ];) to achieve this goal. Note, that --textlogin chell argument has to be also recognized, but only if it is given as not last program argument. chell has to finish itself after command execution.


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  • [ #245 ] - Providing support of standard system providers

List of requirements

  • [ #236 ] - Support of commands given as program argument in chell

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